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► Still making my way through all of Yoosung’s Endings in Mystic Messenger. Since my last update, I’ve gotten Bad Ending 01, Bad Ending 02, and the Normal Ending. cut for spoilers )

► It’s… already been a few days since Chocolate Box authors were revealed, haha, but I wanted to share what I wrote! I wrote a few fics, but nothing longer than 1K. For Harry Potter, I wrote a Lucius/Narcissa fic and a Tom/Ginny, pre-Harry/Ginny fic. The former was my assignment. I also wrote Emma Woodhouse/Harriet Smith for Jane Austen’s Emma and Lucina/Severa for Fire Emblem: Awakening. (In unrelated news, I now have a new FE:A ship. :P)

► Speaking of which… between writing Fire Emblem: Awakening fic for Chocolate Box and receiving it, I got struck by the urge to replay the game. So that’s what I’m doing now. I’ve just finished Chapter 14. cut fur spoilers and length )

►My big brother and I have started watching Wolf’s Rain together! God, it’s been ages since I’ve watched this anime— well over a decade, I think. We never finished it— we only knew it through renting a disc or two from Hastings. (I remember it as being only one volume— the first one. My big brother remembers watching the first two volumes. He has the better memory, so I’m tempted to defer to him.)

Speaking of which, I’d forgotten… pretty much everything about it? I remembered that the main characters were wolves, and that their human forms were illusions, and I had very clear memories of them standing on those pipes in the first city talking to one another, and a few bits of memory about how Kiba was re: Cheza, but that was about it. I’d even forgotten about some of the main characters! Kiba and Tsume I remembered pretty decently, but Hige and Toboe kind of blended together for me— I remembered there was a character who was the “youngest”, and I kind of remembered Hige’s character design, so when he showed up I went, “oh, he must be the youngest.”

One thing that strikes me: I remember when I was a kid, I was very focused on the “ooo, pretty boys!” bit, but now I’m very much focused on the fact that they’re wolves and that the human form is just an illusion. I just find it such an interesting concept? And I love the moments where it shows what’s happening underneath the illusion so much. ♥

We just finished up episode 8 tonight, and I’m cautiously intrigued by where this is all going. Post-apocalyptic futures with wolves, yess. ♥
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Chocolate Box opened a few days ago, and I got the most fantastic gift. It’s a Fire Emblem Awakening Virion & f!Robin friendship fic with a side of Virion/Libra, and it is absolutely lovely and deserves more attention.

Here’s the link: Captured Piece

► Since my last Mystic Messenger update, I finished Yoosung’s Good Ending as well as the first Bad Relationship Ending. More under the cut! As always, spoilers )

► I turned on Pokemon Go this morning to just glance at the interface, since I knew that Gen 2 had been released, and… saw a Murkrow standing in my house??? So I caught her immediately. My first Gen 2 Pokemon in this game! I suddenly feel actually attached to Murkrow now, haha.

I was gone for a couple of days, like I mentioned in my Mystic Messenger update, and I did play Pokemon Go a bit during that time. The Pokemon were pretty much the same as at home, though, but I did finally catch a Vulpix, so yay. ♥
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► I’ve reached Day 10 of Yoosung’s route in Mystic Messenger, and wow, what a ride. cut for spoilers for Yoosung’s route up to Day 10 )

► The other day my big brother sent me a link to an article. He does this often (as in, multiple times a day often), but I found this one particularly interesting: Why It's So Hard To Make Games In China.

All of the games mentioned in the article looked pretty interesting. One of them, Hazy Days, was both free and short, so I downloaded it and played it. I… can’t say that I enjoyed it, precisely, but it was definitely thought-provoking, and I think I would recommend it playing it at least once. If nothing else, it’s an interesting example for how video games can be used for more than just entertainment. And it is really short— I didn’t time it exactly, but I think it took me maybe ten minutes to complete the entire thing.

► On Pokemon GO: I saw a Vulpix for the first and only time yesterday, but didn’t have any Pokeballs. D: What is with this Vulpix-related bad luck I’ve been having lately.

I did finally figure out how to get free Pokeballs from Pokestops, though, so that was excellent. And there seem to be a lot of Pokestops down Main Street, though the bit where they really begin to cluster together is a pretty far walk from my house, so.

Something that amused me: the local military school has a gym, and that gym is being held by Team Valor. Somehow, I am utterly unsurprised.
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► It’s been awhile since I’ve done a Mystic Messenger update (or any update at all, for that matter). Since I last updated, I've finished Zen’s Normal Ending, and am now playing Yoosung’s route. I’m currently on Day 7. My thoughts:spoilers for Zen’s Normal Ending (and Jaehee’s endings too), and all of Yoosung’s route through Day 7 )

In other news… Cheritz has released a Valentine’s After Story for (I presume) all of the characters. Since it’s an After Story (which unlocks once you’ve beat a route), I’ve only been able to play Zen and Jaehee’s stories so far. I did Jaehee’s first, then Zen’s. My thoughts:
spoilers for Jaehee & Zen’s Valentine’s After Story )

► I’ve also started playing Pokemon Moon! It feels weird, waiting this long to play a Pokemon game… I haven’t been playing a whole lot, though— currently, I’m on the second island. cut for length + possibly spoilers )

► Finally, today I (finally) started playing Pokemon Go! I’m slightly surprised that it took me this long post-new phone to start, and also still slightly sour that my having an outdated phone before kept me from playing when it was all new and everyone was super-excited about it. But I still had fun. cut for length reasons )
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► Since my last update, I’ve only watched two episodes of Critical Role— parts three and four of Trial of the Take. I at first thought I wouldn’t have anything to say about them other than “I liked the other half of the party’s adventures better”, but there were a few things that happened in the latter half of part four that really caught my attention. cut for spoilers for episodes 20-21 )

Also, this is completely unrelated to the characters/plot of Critical Role, but there was this moment when one of the guest Wills (as himself, not in-character) said something along the lines of, “Crocheting is fantastic!”, which. Considering that my Critical Role-watching time is generally also my crocheting time, that definitely made me smile.

► I now have obtained all of Jaehee’s Bad Endings in Mystic Messenger! Some brief commentary:cut for spoilers )

► In other Mystic Messenger news… I didn’t mention this before, but sometime in the middle of January, after I beat Zen’s route, I decided to buy the Mystic Messenger VIP Package. This isn’t actually much of a surprise, despite my usual thriftiness: I have a huge weakness for soundtracks and a slightly-smaller weakness for art-or-guidebook-type things, and all the in-game benefits [unlimited phone calls!] just confirmed it for me.

The estimated shipping time was something like twenty-one days, so I didn’t expect it until sometime in the middle of February— which was why I was so delightfully surprised when it showed up today! I impulsively decided to photograph my unboxing, so I’m going to share bits from that now.
warning: very image-heavy )

tl;dr I’m super pleased with it! I definitely want to wait until I’m 100% finished with the game to dive into the books, but I’ve already loaded the CD into my computer, and am listening to it now.
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► This year, I’m… actually doing a better job at commenting on non-exchange fics that I read? I mean, I’m still nowhere near perfect, but I’ve noticed today that I’ve actually been leaving comments on some of the fics or chapters when I have something to remark on, instead of thinking it to myself and never actually expressing it out loud. This is something that I’ve wanted to start doing again for many years now, so it’s kind of nice to see that I’m finally easing into it again.

►Speaking of which, I’m going to rec two of the WIPs I’m 1) enjoying the most right now and 2) have updated in this past week.

The first is because he strayed across the path (Harry Potter, currently 27K), which is an excellent canon-divergence taking place in POA. This is just such a cozy, feel-good read for me, and I love how it echoes the tone of canon while still doing its own thing. Idk, I’m finding it hard to talk about, but it’s been making me smile every time I read a new chapter. So that's good.

The other one is An Ever-Fixed Mark (Pride & Prejudice, currently 113K) which is a fantastic soulmark AU. It’s tagged as a deconstruction, and it does really dig into the trope, and does some great worldbuilding in regards to how soulmarks would affect the canon setting. The philosophy!

Also, the Darcy and Elizabeth dynamic in the last few chapters have been absolutely golden. So. There’s that. ♥

►Working my way through Jaehee’s other endings in Mystic Messenger! So far I’ve gotten the Normal Ending and Bad Ending 01.

cut for spoilers )

► I’m still slowly making my way through the episodes of Critical Role. Yesterday I finished up Episode 19 - Trial of the Take, Part 2. My thoughts, in bullet-point form: spoilers through episode 19 )
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► I was going do a Mystic Messenger update at Day Nine, but by the time I found time to write up my thoughts, it was already pretty late, so I headed to bed instead. Then I figured that if I was updating on Day 10, I might as well wait for Day 11 to hit and write up all my ending thoughts at once… so here I am. cut for length and spoilers for the end of Jaehee’s route + the After Story )

► I’ve been poking around with crochet again. Specifically, I’ve been working on this baby blanket, as a surprise gift for a friend. I’m using different colors, though— I went with white, mint, black, and gold, since a bit of snooping around on her Pinterest suggested that that’s the color combination she’s wanting. It’s going pretty well so far!

► I’ve also started watching Critical Role. I’ve been meaning to do this for a long while now, since I’ve always been fascinated by D&D, and I already know from listening to Dragon Friends that I love seeing other people’s campaigns, but didn’t get around to it until now. I’m trying to listen to about an episode per day (though sometimes I only manage about half of one, since they’re so damn long), and right now I’ve just finished up episode 14.

Overall, I really like it! cut for possible spoilers )

I started watching before I started the above crochet project, but I’ve found that I really like watching it when I crochet. I’m not very good at focusing on audio-only* things (one of the reasons I’ve never gotten very passionate about music, and also why I never listened to podcasts before it occurred to me that I could listen to them while doing chores), so it helps me focus on the show, but it also gives me a set amount of crocheting time so that I don’t procrastinate. Win/win!

*Yes, I know it's not really audio-only, but there are long stretches of time when it's not really necessary to watch the screen, imo, so it's basically the same thing for me.
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► Another Mystic Messenger update! Since I last posted, I got two of Zen’s bad endings, and have started Jaehee’s route. cut for spoilers )

► I also started playing Liar! Uncover the Truth!. Right now, I’m about to finish up with the 4th Liar, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s interesting in the sense that I’m not particularly interested in the romances in this game— I’m mostly playing because it’s fun to fit together all of the clues and figuring out who’s the one who’s lying.

I did have to laugh when I met the main character’s coworker, Ayumi— mainly because I was about two seconds away from naming the main character Ayumi before I decided no, that name didn’t really suit her. (Instead, I named her Kanae.)

► I think that I’ve mentioned before that my big brother and I have this thing where we chose a series (usually an anime) and watch through it together? I mentioned this because last night we finished watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which we started after I came home. It was a rewatch for him, but the first time for me.

a bit of my history with FMA and overall reactions, including spoilers )

I also kind of want to rewatch the 2003 anime now, but it looks like it’s no longer on Netflix, and crunchyroll only has the movie. Woe.

Speaking of which, it occurred to me while watching Brotherhood that brief spoilers for the end of the 2003 anime )

► Google just suggested that I correct the word "homunculi" to "munchkin". I find this hilarious.
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So, yesterday I finished up Zen’s route in Mystic Messenger! Well, not finished, exactly— I think for it to be finished I’d need to get all of the endings— but I got the good ending, and read the after story, so. cut for massive spoilers for days 10-11 and Zen's after story )
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► My Mystic Messenger update: I spoke too soon re: Zen’s dorkiness. ♥

cut for an unrelated and vague spoiler )

► I absolutely love today’s Fandom Snowflake Challenge.
In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.
Some of you may have picked up on this by now, but… I really love making recs. ♥ My criteria for recs this time around was “the first three fics that occurred to me when I thought, what should I rec?”.
cut for length )
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► My Mystic Messenger update of the day: vague spoilers for the end of Day Five/Day Six )

► I ran across an AMV rec on FFA (well, several, actually, but I only watched the one for the anime I knew), and now I want to pass it forward. It’s Death Parade - Lorem Ipsum, and I thought it pretty well-made. (And hey, an excuse to use my Death Parade tag again! I honestly thought that wasn't going to happen.)

It’s been years since I last regularly watched AMVs… I don’t know if I miss it, per se, but I do still appreciate a good video. I might check out more of this person’s AMVs later. idk.

► I was waiting for the Day Three post of the Fandom Snowflake challenge to go up before posting this so that I could include it too, but… I think I’m going to skip out on this one. One thing that I’ve figured out over the years is that setting monthly and yearly goals don’t really work for me (as much as I love to read about other people’s goals and how they do on them). Setting daily and weekly goals (while keeping the broader picture of what I’d like to eventually achieve in the back of my mind) works much better for me.
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► So, never did get around to writing a second entry yesterday. But that’s alright, because I can do it now. First, a link to the end-of-the-year writing meme I always do: 2016: Writing Year In Review.

► Second: A quick update on my Mystic Messenger playthrough. It’s Day Five now, and SUCCESS. I got onto Zen’s route! I didn’t end up running into a bad ending after all! I was a bit worried about that, since I was also getting a lot of hearts from Jaehee and Yoosung… I actually wasn’t sure if I had enough of a majority with any of them to get on a route at all, tbh. But I did, and it was the one I wanted to do first, so I’m happy. ♥

briefly cut for possible spoilers, though I personally don't think it's anything too important )

► Finally: The Fandom Snowflake Challenge! I missed Day One, and while I know that I can still go back and do it, I think that I’m just going to let it pass by. Instead, I’m going to focus on Day Two.
cut for those who’d rather skip it )
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Dearest Artist/Writer,

I’ve very excited about participating in this exchange! I sat out Chocolate Box last year, and while I don’t precisely regret it (it was the right decision at the time), I’ve also been considering what I might request the next time around ever since.

I think that I’m pretty easy to please. You might notice that some fandom or relationship sections are longer than others, and I’d like to reassure you that I’m equally interested in all of my fandoms and requested relationships. It’s just that with some I don’t have many specific ideas outside of “more more more, please!” while I’m full of ideas for others. But I do love them all— otherwise, I wouldn’t even be requesting them. As for the actual writing/drawing, I’m pretty straightforward there as well. I’m ecstatic when someone follows my general likes and/or one of my prompts, but as long as you avoid my DNWs and treat the characters (and relationships) that I love with love and respect, I’ll be happy.

This is my first time requesting art in any exchange, and I confess that I’m not really sure how to prompt for it. I’ve listed some general art likes that would excite me for any fandom; I’d also be interested in drawn versions for any scenario I mention when talking about each fandom and relationship.

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly

cut to spare the flist )
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► So I just realized that there was a Dragon Friends Christmas Special podcast???? I managed to listen to it in the dying hours of 2016, and it was SO GOOD. So, so good. I mean, it was basically two hours of Freezo and His Christmas Adventures, so it’s not surprising that it was amazing, but still. That was a delight. cut for spoilers, and probably length )

► In the last few days, I also got a new phone, because my old one was dying a slow, drawn out death. I bring this up because, now that I have a new phone, I’ve decided to start checking out some of the visual novels/otome games that have gotten so much love on FFA, starting with Mystic Messenger. So far, I can definitely see why this one is so beloved, even though I’m still baffled at the thought of a visual novel fandom having so many fics.

I’m on Day Four right now, and I am in love. cut for the usual reasons )

►This entry’s getting quite long, but I don’t want to leave it off without doing one last thing. Reveals have happened over at Yuletide, which means that it’s time for me to talk about what I wrote. I wrote five stories, which is a Yuletide record for me— and that was such a nice surprise, considering that I'd barely managed to write/finish anything else this past year!cut for length )

► I might actually get a second entry out today, because 1) I want to get my usual my-year-in-writing retrospective up, 2) the Fandom Snowflake Challenge has started and I’d like to do that as well, and 3) there was another end-of-the-year post I wanted to do, but forgot about yesterday. We’ll see if I get it all done— I still have a lot of real-life stuff that I wanted to do today too.
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It’s that time of the year again, when I talk about my favorite media consumed in the past year. This year, I have no anime listed, mainly because I spent most of the year without any internet connection, and so only managed to finish up one series. (Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash, if you’re curious.) I did put a podcast category, because I ended up listening to a lot of podcasts this year.

And now, for the actual lists. Like last year, I’ve put everything in vaguely alphabetical order. cut for length + many images )
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► So, I got the Captive Prince trilogy for Christmas. Yesterday, after posting my Yuletide recs, I started the first book. And then I read it, and the second one, and the third one, because at some point in the first book (near the end, to be precise), I realized that I couldn’t put it down. more under the cut, spoilers included )

► Now for something I’ve been wanting to post for ages! I started playing Fire Emblem Awakening in September, and (with a few long pauses in between), finally beat it in November. And now I’m actually talking about it in December (and questioning myself about just how much I’ve forgotten in the meantime, ugh, I have such a terrible memory.)

This was actually the first Fire Emblem game I've ever played, despite me loving both JRPGs and tactical RPGS. My overall impression: I really enjoyed it! And I'll probably be replaying it at least a few times.

I’ve spent some time thinking about how I’m going to talk about this game/characters, and I think that I’m going to do it by first talking about who I married to whom, vaguely in the order in which I decided on said marriages, and use that as a jumping ground to talk about the characters in general and their children. Sounds good? Let’s go.

cut for spoilers for the whole game, and also ridiculous length )

I also wanted to get into some of my thoughts/problems with the actual plot of the game (especially the aspects involving Robin), but, well, this entry has gotten long enough. Maybe another time. Right now, I'm mostly relieved that I managed to get this much written up.
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Time for my yearly Yuletide recs! I’m not actually 100% done with my diving through the Yuletide archives, but I am done for now. By that I mean: I didn’t read any of the The Goblin Emperor fics yet, because it’s been awhile since I’ve read the book, and many of the details have faded in my memory, so I’d like to refresh myself before reading them. I also haven’t read any of the Akatsuki no Yona fics (despite the siren song of a 31K fic, holy hell) because I’ve only seen the anime at this point, and I don’t want to accidentally run into any spoilers.

I would also like to mention my gift again— it’s about 1.7K of adorable Jessie/Lavinia + a cat for A Little Lily Princess.

And now, I have 20 more recs in around 16 different fandoms.

recs under the cut )


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