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► Another Mystic Messenger update! Since I last posted, I got two of Zen’s bad endings, and have started Jaehee’s route. cut for spoilers )

► I also started playing Liar! Uncover the Truth!. Right now, I’m about to finish up with the 4th Liar, and I’m really enjoying it! It’s interesting in the sense that I’m not particularly interested in the romances in this game— I’m mostly playing because it’s fun to fit together all of the clues and figuring out who’s the one who’s lying.

I did have to laugh when I met the main character’s coworker, Ayumi— mainly because I was about two seconds away from naming the main character Ayumi before I decided no, that name didn’t really suit her. (Instead, I named her Kanae.)

► I think that I’ve mentioned before that my big brother and I have this thing where we chose a series (usually an anime) and watch through it together? I mentioned this because last night we finished watching Full Metal Alchemist: Brotherhood, which we started after I came home. It was a rewatch for him, but the first time for me.

a bit of my history with FMA and overall reactions, including spoilers )

I also kind of want to rewatch the 2003 anime now, but it looks like it’s no longer on Netflix, and crunchyroll only has the movie. Woe.

Speaking of which, it occurred to me while watching Brotherhood that brief spoilers for the end of the 2003 anime )

► Google just suggested that I correct the word "homunculi" to "munchkin". I find this hilarious.
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So, yesterday I finished up Zen’s route in Mystic Messenger! Well, not finished, exactly— I think for it to be finished I’d need to get all of the endings— but I got the good ending, and read the after story, so. cut for massive spoilers for days 10-11 and Zen's after story )
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► My Mystic Messenger update: I spoke too soon re: Zen’s dorkiness. ♥

cut for an unrelated and vague spoiler )

► I absolutely love today’s Fandom Snowflake Challenge.
In your own space, post recs for at least three fanworks that you did not create.
Some of you may have picked up on this by now, but… I really love making recs. ♥ My criteria for recs this time around was “the first three fics that occurred to me when I thought, what should I rec?”.
cut for length )
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► My Mystic Messenger update of the day: vague spoilers for the end of Day Five/Day Six )

► I ran across an AMV rec on FFA (well, several, actually, but I only watched the one for the anime I knew), and now I want to pass it forward. It’s Death Parade - Lorem Ipsum, and I thought it pretty well-made. (And hey, an excuse to use my Death Parade tag again! I honestly thought that wasn't going to happen.)

It’s been years since I last regularly watched AMVs… I don’t know if I miss it, per se, but I do still appreciate a good video. I might check out more of this person’s AMVs later. idk.

► I was waiting for the Day Three post of the Fandom Snowflake challenge to go up before posting this so that I could include it too, but… I think I’m going to skip out on this one. One thing that I’ve figured out over the years is that setting monthly and yearly goals don’t really work for me (as much as I love to read about other people’s goals and how they do on them). Setting daily and weekly goals (while keeping the broader picture of what I’d like to eventually achieve in the back of my mind) works much better for me.
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► So, never did get around to writing a second entry yesterday. But that’s alright, because I can do it now. First, a link to the end-of-the-year writing meme I always do: 2016: Writing Year In Review.

► Second: A quick update on my Mystic Messenger playthrough. It’s Day Five now, and SUCCESS. I got onto Zen’s route! I didn’t end up running into a bad ending after all! I was a bit worried about that, since I was also getting a lot of hearts from Jaehee and Yoosung… I actually wasn’t sure if I had enough of a majority with any of them to get on a route at all, tbh. But I did, and it was the one I wanted to do first, so I’m happy. ♥

briefly cut for possible spoilers, though I personally don't think it's anything too important )

► Finally: The Fandom Snowflake Challenge! I missed Day One, and while I know that I can still go back and do it, I think that I’m just going to let it pass by. Instead, I’m going to focus on Day Two.
cut for those who’d rather skip it )
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Dearest Artist/Writer,

I’ve very excited about participating in this exchange! I sat out Chocolate Box last year, and while I don’t precisely regret it (it was the right decision at the time), I’ve also been considering what I might request the next time around ever since.

I think that I’m pretty easy to please. You might notice that some fandom or relationship sections are longer than others, and I’d like to reassure you that I’m equally interested in all of my fandoms and requested relationships. It’s just that with some I don’t have many specific ideas outside of “more more more, please!” while I’m full of ideas for others. But I do love them all— otherwise, I wouldn’t even be requesting them. As for the actual writing/drawing, I’m pretty straightforward there as well. I’m ecstatic when someone follows my general likes and/or one of my prompts, but as long as you avoid my DNWs and treat the characters (and relationships) that I love with love and respect, I’ll be happy.

This is my first time requesting art in any exchange, and I confess that I’m not really sure how to prompt for it. I’ve listed some general art likes that would excite me for any fandom; I’d also be interested in drawn versions for any scenario I mention when talking about each fandom and relationship.

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly

cut to spare the flist )
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► So I just realized that there was a Dragon Friends Christmas Special podcast???? I managed to listen to it in the dying hours of 2016, and it was SO GOOD. So, so good. I mean, it was basically two hours of Freezo and His Christmas Adventures, so it’s not surprising that it was amazing, but still. That was a delight. cut for spoilers, and probably length )

► In the last few days, I also got a new phone, because my old one was dying a slow, drawn out death. I bring this up because, now that I have a new phone, I’ve decided to start checking out some of the visual novels/otome games that have gotten so much love on FFA, starting with Mystic Messenger. So far, I can definitely see why this one is so beloved, even though I’m still baffled at the thought of a visual novel fandom having so many fics.

I’m on Day Four right now, and I am in love. cut for the usual reasons )

►This entry’s getting quite long, but I don’t want to leave it off without doing one last thing. Reveals have happened over at Yuletide, which means that it’s time for me to talk about what I wrote. I wrote five stories, which is a Yuletide record for me— and that was such a nice surprise, considering that I'd barely managed to write/finish anything else this past year!cut for length )

► I might actually get a second entry out today, because 1) I want to get my usual my-year-in-writing retrospective up, 2) the Fandom Snowflake Challenge has started and I’d like to do that as well, and 3) there was another end-of-the-year post I wanted to do, but forgot about yesterday. We’ll see if I get it all done— I still have a lot of real-life stuff that I wanted to do today too.
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It’s that time of the year again, when I talk about my favorite media consumed in the past year. This year, I have no anime listed, mainly because I spent most of the year without any internet connection, and so only managed to finish up one series. (Grimgar of Fantasy & Ash, if you’re curious.) I did put a podcast category, because I ended up listening to a lot of podcasts this year.

And now, for the actual lists. Like last year, I’ve put everything in vaguely alphabetical order. cut for length + many images )
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► So, I got the Captive Prince trilogy for Christmas. Yesterday, after posting my Yuletide recs, I started the first book. And then I read it, and the second one, and the third one, because at some point in the first book (near the end, to be precise), I realized that I couldn’t put it down. more under the cut, spoilers included )

► Now for something I’ve been wanting to post for ages! I started playing Fire Emblem Awakening in September, and (with a few long pauses in between), finally beat it in November. And now I’m actually talking about it in December (and questioning myself about just how much I’ve forgotten in the meantime, ugh, I have such a terrible memory.)

This was actually the first Fire Emblem game I've ever played, despite me loving both JRPGs and tactical RPGS. My overall impression: I really enjoyed it! And I'll probably be replaying it at least a few times.

I’ve spent some time thinking about how I’m going to talk about this game/characters, and I think that I’m going to do it by first talking about who I married to whom, vaguely in the order in which I decided on said marriages, and use that as a jumping ground to talk about the characters in general and their children. Sounds good? Let’s go.

cut for spoilers for the whole game, and also ridiculous length )

I also wanted to get into some of my thoughts/problems with the actual plot of the game (especially the aspects involving Robin), but, well, this entry has gotten long enough. Maybe another time. Right now, I'm mostly relieved that I managed to get this much written up.
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Time for my yearly Yuletide recs! I’m not actually 100% done with my diving through the Yuletide archives, but I am done for now. By that I mean: I didn’t read any of the The Goblin Emperor fics yet, because it’s been awhile since I’ve read the book, and many of the details have faded in my memory, so I’d like to refresh myself before reading them. I also haven’t read any of the Akatsuki no Yona fics (despite the siren song of a 31K fic, holy hell) because I’ve only seen the anime at this point, and I don’t want to accidentally run into any spoilers.

I would also like to mention my gift again— it’s about 1.7K of adorable Jessie/Lavinia + a cat for A Little Lily Princess.

And now, I have 20 more recs in around 16 different fandoms.

recs under the cut )
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► Today's Christmas, which in my family means Mandatory Family Movie Night. This time around we went for a rewatch of The Lion King, and I swear, that movie gets sadder every time I watch it. cut for those who would rather skip this )

I mean. It's still an excellent movie. It's just that it's also really, really sad.

► On a completely different note... Yuletide fics are up! I got a really, really adorable fic for A Little Lily Princess.

A Cat on the Hearth (1764 words) by Anonymous
Fandom: A Little Lily Princess (Visual Novel)
Rating: Not Rated
Relationships: Jessie Abbott/Lavinia Herbert
Characters: Jessie Abbott, Lavinia Herbert
Summary: After their graduation, Jessie and Lavinia continue to dance around each other.

Yes, that's a post-canon Jessie/Lavinia fic. With cats. :D Or, more precisely, a cat.

I'll make my usual recs post sometime this week. Right now, I'm still working my way through the collection. There's been some pretty great fics so far, though.
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► I loved the last two episodes of season two of Dragon Friends— or, really, this entire season, but especially the last two episodes, because holy hell, that was an EXCELLENT finale, and I am so, so excited that cut for spoilers )

tl;dr I love this podcast, and have way too many feelings about all of the characters.

► also, hi! The above bit was actually going to be a part of a larger entry also about other things, but I didn't get around to writing the rest it before I came home again. So yes, I'm back home, and now have 24/7 Internet connection again. (And just in time for Yuletide!) It feels incredibly luxurious.
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► Recently, I finished up a replay of Dragon Age Origins! And by “finished”, I mean “finished the main game”; I haven’t done Awakenings or any of the other post-game DLC yet.

This was definitely a more...thorough playthrough than my last one, mainly because 1) I played the ultimate edition this time, and so had the extra DLC to play with, and 2) I actually managed to not miss out on any easily obtainable companions, cough cough Leliana.

I also played it on the PC instead of the 360! Partially because I don’t actually have access to a 360 right now, but mainly because I’d already decided that I’d switch over to playing on the PC for any future playthroughs of the Dragon Age games. I’d...originally intended to keep playing them with a controller, but apparently you can’t do that with Origins? So I used the keyboard controls, and while there was a bit of a learning curve, and I had to remap the walking keys to something that felt more intuitive to me, I ended up really enjoying playing it this way!

(Side-note, but I took a lot of screenshots of this playthrough— 2225, to be precise. Definitely got a bit drunk on power there, but hey, I had to make up for being utterly unable to share how gorgeous my Mahariel was!)

► Now, for a bit (and by a bit, I mean a lot of rambling) on my Warden for this playthrough, and her relationships with the people around her.
cut for length, and also spoilers? maybe? )

► As for the more general events of my playthrough...
cut for length and spoilers )

► There were other things that I wanted to talk about (mainly, things that stood out to me in context of the other games, particularly Inquisition), but this entry has gone on long enough. Next time, perhaps.
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Dearest Writer,

The most important thing that I should mention before I get to my likes/dislikes and canon-specific details is that I do believe that optional details are optional. I do want you to pay attention to my do-not-wants, and would prefer it if you paid attention to my likes, but otherwise, I don’t want to restrain you. Any comments, suggestions, or prompts that I leave are simply meant to inspire.

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly
Previous Letters: 2013, 2014, 2015

cut to spare the flist )
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Dear Writer,

Hello, dear writer! I’m ridiculously excited about this exchange, and I hope that you are too!

Before I go any further, though, I should mention that for real-life reasons, I might not be able to immediately read/comment on my gift when the time comes. I do promise that I’ll try to get to it as soon as I possibly can!

I should also mention is that I do believe that optional details are optional. Please do pay attention to my DNWs, and treat my requested characters with love and respect, but other than that, everything else is simply meant to inspire.

I’m equally interested in tricks or treats. When it comes to tricks, I’d really love something creepy, dark, or otherwise unnerving— though not violent. Subtlety is always key. With treats, I’d just like anything that gives me warm, fuzzy feelings. It doesn’t have to be uncomplicated fluff— there can be hints of complications and darker issues— but in the end, I want it to leave me smiling.

This year, I chose not to divide my prompts into “tricks” or “treats”, mainly because I ended up having quite a few that I thought would be interesting either way. Do feel free to take a fluffy-seeming prompt for a “trick”, or carve out some fluff in a darker-sounding scenario for a “treat”, if you so desire!

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly
Previous Letters: 2015

cut to spare the flist )
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► I just realized when I went to post this that this is my 100th official post here. So yay for that?

► I have become so incredibly charmed by the podcast Dragon Friends, which I started listening to sometime last week the other week because I needed something to entertain me when I was trying to get through a tedious-but-necessary portion of an otherwise good game. Whereupon I then got so completely hooked that I basically started listening to it throughout all of my free time, even when I wasn’t in the middle of some sort of menial labor, which is pretty much unheard of in regards to me and podcasts.

And now I'm in love (or at least very strong-liking), and am seriously considering requesting it for Yuletide. I adore pretty much all three of the main characters, though who stands out as my actual favorite keeps changing.

cut for length, and spoilers through episode 2.10 )

► Speaking of fandoms that I’m considering requesting for Yuletide… I’ve also recently played A Little Lily Princess, which is a VN based on A Little Princess— a book which I hadn’t read since I was a kid, but actually reread in preparation for playing this game, as I could remember very little about it.

I played the routes in this order: Mariette, Becky, Lavinia, Jessie, Lottie, Ermengarde.
cut for length & major spoilers for pretty much all of the endings )
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► One bright side about my relative lack of internet is that I’ve been able to get around to reading books and playing video games that I’d never gotten around to before during my free time. Of course, there’s a limit to this— with books, I only have those that I already had on my phone / that I can pick up for free because I am not going to buy a ebook when I already know that I greatly prefer physical copies, or that I can get from my library’s online library, and with video games, I’m limited to those portable games that I brought with me or, hypothetically those that I have on my computer.

Still, I’ve managed to chip away a bit at my backlog, to my delight. I’ve already read, in addition to a truly ridiculous amount of romance novels (I don’t know why; I’ve always read romance novels, of course, but usually I’ll read two or three, then return to my one true love, fantasy), Ivanhoe, Moby Dick, and am now nearly halfway through Les Miserables, which so far might be my favorite of the three, though I’ll have to admit that Ivanhoe did a better job of not running around with really, really long digressions.

cut for length )

► I also mentioned video games above. I haven’t been playing quite so many video games as I’ve been reading books, mainly because it’s much easier to put a book down at a moment’s notice than it is to do the same with a video game, but I have finally gotten around to playing Pokemon Alpha Sapphire.

The short version of my thoughts on it: this is not so lengthy, but it’s being cut anyways )

► Now, I’m playing the GameBoy Advance version Final Fantasy V, which I bought used at GameStop many years ago. As some of you may know, I came pretty late to Final Fantasy as a series, which is kind of odd, considering how much I love JRPGs. I played my first Final Fantasy game, FFX, in 2010, and then played FFIV in 2012, and that’s about it, as far as the series goes. That is, I did play a bit of FFXI on my friend’s account, but I don’t really like online games, and ignore those entries in the series.

Over the years, I’ve also picked up copies of FFI and FFII, both on PSP (which I, unfortunately, didn’t bring with me), FFVII and FFVIII on PC, FFIX on PS1, and FFXII on PS2, but I haven’t gotten around to playing any of them yet. ...Which means, now that I think about it, that I own more than double the amount of Final Fantasy games that I’ve actually played.

Enough babbling about this. Here’s my thoughts on FFV. cut for length— and spoilers, if anyone cares about that )

► This was all written on 23 May, by the way; the biggest change since then is that my DS isn't charging for whatever reason, so I haven't been able to get further on FFV.


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