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I, uh, kind of ended up marathoning the rest of Arang & the Magistrate this weekend? Oops? cut for spoilers + length )

I actually finished this before Trick or Treat sign-ups ended, to my surprise. Now I have about 22 hours to decide whether I actually want to last-minute-add this fandom to my sign-up (meaning that I’d need to add another section to my letter), or if I’ll just wait until Yuletide. Decisions, decisions.
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► Before I get into all my lengthy rambling, have a link to a drawing of some pretty foxes I found on twitter. Foxes! ♥

► Gaming update: I beat Child of Light! I actually started this one two years ago, and then wandered off at some point during chapter… five, I think? Shortly after recruiting Norah, if I remember correctly. It’s very possible that that’s not right—I remembered pretty much nothing about this game when I started playing it again, and even now, most of the beginning of the game is just a large blank in my memory. cut for spoilers & length )

► I’ve also been watching Arang and the Magistrate. I actually started it about a month ago, but took a break after the fourth episode for no reason in particular, then started it up again earlier this week. Right now, I just finished episode seven, and I’m really enjoying it! The episodes are flying by, which is saying something, considering how long kdrama episodes always are.

cut for spoilers + length )

I might actually request this one for Yuletide, though of course that depends on where the series goes from here. I threw in the noms just in case (and am crossing my fingers that I don’t fall desperately in love with another character in the next 13 episodes). This does mean that I’ll need to pick up the pace with my watching, but that shouldn’t be a problem—I’m pretty hooked.

► Finally, some exciting news: apparently, the publisher of Stardew Valley is now working on a magic school RPG! Yesssss. This looks 100% like my sort of thing.

(A bit more information here.)
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Me: I’m going to wait until the full game’s out to play City of Hunger!
Also Me: *downloads the prototype the moment it’s released*

there’s not really anything to spoil, but I'm putting this beneath a cut anyways )
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So… when I signed up for [community profile] iddyiddybangbang this year, it was with the intention of writing the Valdemar fic that I dreamed up for the first round of Iddy Iddy Bang Bang (before I decided not to sign-up because I didn’t have the time for it just then). And I still do like the idea a lot! But Stand Still Stay Silent is pretty much eating my brain right now, and when the first check-in happened and I realized that I hadn’t done so much as canon review for said Valdemar fic, I… well, first I said, “shit”, and then I considered dropping out, and then yesterday it occurred to me: if I’m finding it hard to concentrate on writing fics for something that’s not SSSS, then why don’t I just… write an idfic for SSSS?

So I started to brainstorm just what my dream iddy scenario for SSSS would be. And it went something like this: possible SSSS spoilers for up to 776 )
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► I reread Dracula the other day. I couldn’t remember it very well, though it hadn’t been that long since I first read it holy hell, I just did the math and it’s been seven years, so scratch that. Anyways. This time around, there were some things that either hadn’t stood out to me before (or did stand out to me but I just completely forgot about it, which. Is definitely plausible. ._.)
cut for length )

► Earlier this week, I found out that Age of Youth was getting a second season, and got really excited… for about three minutes. Then I came across a comment about how only 3/5 of the main girls was coming back and went to look up the cast list... and yeah.
some minor venting below )

The bright side of all this is that it reminded me of how much I love this show, and I spent some nice hours looking through gifsets on tumblr and rolling around in all my Bella Epoque and Ye-eun/Yi-na feelings. Kind of want to rewatch it too, tbh, but I don’t know if I will. And— even though I’m not going to watch the second season, I was pretty satisfied with where the first season ended things. So it’s not all bad, just a little disappointing after that initial excitement. ♥
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► About a week ago I read a short story that I really fell in love with— “Jackalope Wives” by Ursula Vernon. It was really amazing? Grandma Harken has my heart forever and ever, and I loved the atmosphere worldbuilding so much. I, uh, also kind of shipped Grandma Harken/the Jackalope Wife? ...Their interactions were super cute, okay?

Then I found out from [personal profile] yuuago that Vernon also wrote a novelette about Grandma Harken called “The Tomato Thief”, and— it basically has all the strengths of “Jackalope Wives” and then some. Seriously, it was amazing. ♥ The reveal of who the antagonist was sent me flailing some spoilers )

► Speaking of short stories… I also read “Help Me Follow My Sister into the Land of the Dead” last week, and 10/10, would recommend. What an excellent use of an unusual format.

► I was going through and clearing out the unneeded notes from the sticky notes program I have on my computer, and came across a part of a Prince Maker Braveness fic I lost when my computer got hit by that encryption virus a few years.

Except, it’s not actually a proper snippet. It’s the result of a snippet that I ran through Google Translate a few times for a meme. It’s kind of interesting that that still survives when the original fic doesn’t.

I don’t think I ever shared it anywhere before, though, so I’m going to share it here:
cut for text )

I still remember why I saved it to a sticky note— it was because I loved how the last paragraph turned out, and how it almost sounds like a prayer.

► While I’m talking about writing… I have a mildly amusing story to share. I wrote a story involving Tom Riddle for a recent exchange. At one point while I was typing, my word document randomly decided to turn Tom into ™ instead, and I had to laugh. Because he would want a name so special that it has to be trademarked.

155 | an ask meme

Friday, 11 August 2017 09:09 pm
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I've really missed doing these, but usually I refrain from posting them because... well, because there's a lot less people (and a lot less active people) in my DW circle than there were on my LJ flist, and I wasn't sure what kind of reception, if any, I'd get. But then I ran across this one, and, well, it doesn't hurt to try?

Name a character and I’ll tell you my:
Second choice
Fluffy pairing
Angst pairing
Weirdest pairing

Don't feel like you just need to limit yourself to one character. Like I said, I really do like doing these, and it's been a long time since the last time I did one. Any fandom I know is fine.
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► The next game in my “let’s get this VN backlog down” was Dragon Essence, mainly because I realized that I had two Zeiva games sitting around unplayed, and as a self-proclaimed obsessive Zeiva fan, that just wouldn’t do. I completed it yesterday. cut for massive spoilers and length )

► I was playing through the newest Liar! event, and this moment really amused me, because it reminded me so much of Reynir offering to fix Tuuri’s picture frame for her, before remembering, oh wait, he has no idea how to fix broken glass. The Liar MC and Reynir actually have absolutely nothing in common, so that made the comparison even more amusing for me.

► Finally, the O.P.I. Summer Prompt Challenge is a thing! I’m not entirely sure if I’m going to participate (if only because I already have so many stories that I want to write in the near future), but I have thrown some prompts in, and my nail polish-loving heart is just pleased to hear that this exists. Even if I actually like Essie better. Shhh.
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► Finished my replay of Star Stealing Prince! A few things I noticed/wanted to comment on this time around: beneath the cut )

► I also finished reading the Kalevala the other day! I don’t have too much to say, though: some spoilers )

Now that I'm finished, I'm considering (re)reading some of the Norse sagas I still have from college— I remember liking Njal's Saga a lot, though I don't remember much about what happened— but idk yet. I could also read the Arabian Nights, since that's been sitting on my bookshelf for a while... We'll see.
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► The other day, I was reminded that the song Tropes Are Forever exists, and now it’s stuck in my head, ha. ♥ (...And I just realized that the original post has a download link. brb, adding this to my iTunes.)

► I been toying around with the idea of replaying Star Stealing Prince again for a few months now, but kept putting it off because “I should really focus on cutting down my backlog”! But then I decided that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to refresh my memory for exchange-requesting purposes*, so I finally started that replay.

* Especially since I kind of want to request something from this game + one that I remember even less of for [community profile] femslashex (yes, I know I said I wasn’t going to do any more exchanges until Trick or Treat, shhhh). So of course I started off with the game that’s both shorter and that I remember better...

Right now, I’m at the very start of chapter two. more beneath the cut )
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I beat Transistor over the weekend. That was… a really good game. Even before you get to the story, it’s just gorgeously designed: lovely graphics, an amazing soundtrack (example: the song that plays during the first boss battle *_*), and one of my favorite battle systems in a long time. cut for potential spoilers + length )

148 | SSSS icons

Thursday, 20 July 2017 07:41 pm
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(Posting this before I forget about it, again.)

I’ve… kind of been making icons for Stand Still Stay Silent lately? I can’t even remember the last time I made icons, but I used to be really obsessed with them, even to the extent of buying a paid account on LJ just so I could use more of them. It’s strange remembering that, considering that nowadays I only have one icon uploaded and never change it.

Anyways. At some point during my SSSS readthrough I was struck by how well a certain panel would look as an icon… and then I started saving pages… and then I started making them. I’m not actually done with all the pages I wanted to icon, not even close, but as I already have 50+ made (and am not actually certain that I won’t lose interest at some point and wander off), I figured I should share what I have now.

many images beneath the cut )
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► So yesterday, I completed Solstice 100%. I don’t have too much to say about it beyond what I already have, but there was one ending variation that I wanted to touch briefly on. spoilers )

I was going to play another visual novel next… and then I somehow started Transistor instead. Whoops. I don’t have too much to say about it yet, but I am enjoying it.

► Also yesterday: I finished a sewing project! My first, unless you count a teddy bear that I made in high school, which I don’t, mainly because I keep forgetting about it. I’m especially pleased about it because I am the queen of unfinished crafty projects, and I went back to this one after taking a break for 2+ weeks and actually finished it. (That baby blanket I was crocheting for my friend, on the other hand… ahahahaha.)

It’s a bag, and I followed this tutorial to make it. a bit more blathering + an image below the cut )
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► Pretty much the first thing I knew this morning was that Stand Still Stay Silent had updated, and I was/am filled with so much excitement that I didn’t even care that I hadn’t finished that short fic* I wanted to write before the chapter started. It’s updating!

The page itself already made me feel all teary and aching, so… that’s promising? Ugh, Lalli. ♥

* on the bright side, it did inspire me to get my butt into gear and stop worrying about whether it was too OTT with its angst long enough to write the last one hundred words needed and post it?

► So I’ve been watching FFA’s 100 words of something threads for a while now, and recently have been trying to write for them. Late yesterday, it occurred to me that I hadn’t even looked at what the themes were for the latest post, so I decided to at least look at them even though I was already pretty tired at that point. And then I mourned, because so many of themes were right up my alley, but I was tired and didn’t want to write.

Anyways, I bring this up because one of them was “100 words of death on a beach”, and of course I immediately thought of brief SSSS spoiler, I guess? ) But I’ve also been reading the Kalevala, and suddenly thought about Aino too, and the end result was… I think I have a new crossover ship? Aino could meet her in the water! It would be perfect! I’ve already started poking at a potential fic, though idk if it’ll ever get anywhere.

Then I went, “oh, poor Kyllikki, I’m taking her water-maiden girlfriend away from her”, and then it hit me like a speeding sledgehammer to the face: Sigrun/Kyllikki. Idk how it would even happen— time travel accident? Sigrun just being an awesome Norwegian warrior woman tromping her way through Finland?— but I think we can all agree that Sigrun would make a much better husband than Lemminkäinen, y/y?

...And then I started thinking about whose personalities would actually complement one another’s best, and got hit with Tuuri/Kyllikki. They’re both social! They could travel the world and hang out with lots of people!

AND THAT was the point where I realized that I needed to stop thinking about this before I ended up with approximately half a million crossover ships for two tiny fandoms.

► Right, I’m past due for a round-up of my fic. So:

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I didn’t not expect to be posting again so soon. If I’d known beforehand that I was going to do this, I probably would have waited to post my earlier entry and just added this to that— but I didn’t. It’s okay, self. Two posts in one day doesn’t actually hurt anything.

I usually don’t make rec lists for exchanges outside of Yuletide, but there were so many good fics in the Multifandom Drabble Exchange, and I’ve had so much fun writing treats*, watching the collection expand, anticipating the opening, spending all of today reading through the collection and trying to comment on everything I read and liked ( the extent that I forgot to eat WHOOPS), that making a rec list seemed like the natural conclusion.

*which I’m actually ridiculously excited about— I’ve spent years now trying and failing to write a Perfect Drabble, so the fact that I actually managed to write three of them within three weeks is super-exciting to me.

To be clear: this is not a list of every fic I liked. That would take forever to compile; I am not kidding when I say there were a lot of great fics in the collection. What’s here are those that were probably my absolute favorites. ...It’s still a pretty long list, because if you know anything about me, then you should know that I cannot pick a favorite anything to save my life. There’s no commentary, unlike with my Yuletide recs lists, because these are all drabbles, and also because I might actually collapse with exhaustion if I did that, haha.

cut for length )

I’ve had such a good day. Reading, and commenting, and getting comments, and getting replies to comments flowing into my inbox— I just feel really happy right now. ♥ It’s nice.
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► Lately, I’ve been slowly making my way through the Kalevala. I’ve read bits and pieces of it before during that Tolkien class I took when I was still and college, and I’d always meant to go back and read the whole thing, but it wasn’t until now that I finally sat down and started. (Blame Stand Still Stay Silent.) I’m reading it at a pace of two sections per day, which means that it’ll take a while before I’m finished, but that’s okay. I need to get better at pacing myself with my reading anyways.

Today, I read up to section 20, “Slaughtering and Brewing”. (I’m reading the Keith Bosley translation, btw, since that’s the one I had to buy for my class.) a brief summary of my thoughts so far )

► I’ve also been slowly playing through Solstice, because my visual novel backlog is starting to get truly ridiculous. This one’s been fairly high on my list for a while now. It was made by the same people who made Cinders, which was a game I liked enough to write for multiple times for Yuletide. Plus, it has a snowy winter setting! My favorite kind! ♥ (That’s… actually 100% of the reason why I decided to play it now when looking over my backlog, haha.)

I’m not quite done with it (due to the whole “trying to pace myself” thing I mentioned above), but I did get all of the main endings once, even if I haven’t seen all the achievement-worthy events or got all the variations yet.

Spoilers ahead. again, cut for spoilers and length )
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► I’d promised myself no more exchanges until Trick or Treat because I was feeling rather burned out, but now I’ve found myself eyeing [community profile] darkestnightex... and brainstorming possible requests… and maybe also nominating stuff for those possible requests. Um.

► I was reading through Stand Still Stay Silent again (...actually, I’ve already reread all of it, if I'm being perfectly honest;;;;), and noticed that in chapter four, there was some interesting potential foreshadowingspoilers for 750 )

On another note… I’ve also been thinking about more spoilers )

Finally, the cover image for chapter sixteen is gorgeous and heartbreaking and I love it. ♥


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