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Chocolate Box 2017 Letter

Dearest Artist/Writer,

I’ve very excited about participating in this exchange! I sat out Chocolate Box last year, and while I don’t precisely regret it (it was the right decision at the time), I’ve also been considering what I might request the next time around ever since.

I think that I’m pretty easy to please. You might notice that some fandom or relationship sections are longer than others, and I’d like to reassure you that I’m equally interested in all of my fandoms and requested relationships. It’s just that with some I don’t have many specific ideas outside of “more more more, please!” while I’m full of ideas for others. But I do love them all— otherwise, I wouldn’t even be requesting them. As for the actual writing/drawing, I’m pretty straightforward there as well. I’m ecstatic when someone follows my general likes and/or one of my prompts, but as long as you avoid my DNWs and treat the characters (and relationships) that I love with love and respect, I’ll be happy.

This is my first time requesting art in any exchange, and I confess that I’m not really sure how to prompt for it. I’ve listed some general art likes that would excite me for any fandom; I’d also be interested in drawn versions for any scenario I mention when talking about each fandom and relationship.

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly

General Likes & Dislikes

General Fic Likes
  • canon settings
  • canon divergence AUs
  • exploring the relationships between characters
  • quiet &/or subtle romances
  • hand-holding, casual touching, any focus on hands
  • dysfunctional or otherwise complicated relationships, especially if the people involved genuinely care about one another
  • world-building
  • emotional hurt/comfort
  • trapped together / huddling for warmth scenarios
  • winter/autumn settings and atmosphere (for more detail, see art likes)
  • enemies (reluctantly/forced to/willingly) working together, enemies becoming friends, enemies becoming lovers
  • identity porn
  • any time-related shenanigans: time travel, time loops, peggy sue, etc.
  • castles, shrines, abandoned ruins, places with a deep sense of history
General Art Likes
  • physical affection: kissing, hugging, hand-holding, cuddling
  • winter/autumn settings & motifs (like snow, autumn leaves, pumpkins, fog, tea, etc.)
  • anything that plays with lighting— shadows, candles, fireplaces, campfires, lanterns, etc.
  • blood-stained/weary characters returning from battle, in canons where it’s appropriate
  • Obon-style festivals (for the canons where it’d be appropriate) & yukatas
  • anything from my fic likes & other prompts that might inspire you
General Do Not Wants
  • porn without plot
  • eye injuries
  • zombies / any of the rotting undead
  • hopeless endings & character death (of the requested characters)
  • detailed descriptions of/focus on pregnancy, childbirth in general, kid!fic, and anything to do with the next generation, canonical or not*
  • crack fic, A/B/O, and complete AUs
  • characters being humiliated, & any of the requested characters permanently betraying one another
  • love at first sight

*Exception: I’m generally fine with the children from Fire Emblem Awakening, as long as they appear as they do in the canon— i.e., as adult children from the future, who (mostly) haven’t yet been born, and whose parents are interacting with them in that context. Still, I’d prefer for the focus to not be on them (unless I’ve requested it, as is the case with Olivia & Inigo.)

Digimon Adventure

Fandom-Specific Do Not Wants: The 02 Epilogue / any mentions of it. Ken/Miyako. Yamato/Sora. Also, please don’t include anything from tri, as I haven’t seen it yet.

Technically, I’m requesting under both Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02, but I’m putting all of my requests under one category in my letter because I see them as being essentially the same thing. Feel free to set the story you write at any point in canon, or even post-canon, though please note my above DNW for the epilogue/anything from tri. I’m also equally okay with dub and sub names, and you’ll see my using both in this letter. The only name I don’t really like is “Tailmon”, but I’m still fine with seeing it in a story.

I’d rather not have unrequested pairings, but if you find that you need to make a reference to any of them in my gen requests, I will say that most pairings that get a nod from canon are alright. The only exceptions to that are in my fandom-specific DNWs.

This is such a nostalgia fandom for me. You might notice a theme to my requests, and you’d probably think that that theme is “Kari and Gatomon”, and you’d be partially right. The real theme, with one exception, is “the kinds of stories that little-kid!me would have requested" (or did request, if you count my begging my big brother to “tell me a story” based about these characters as requesting).

For all of my requests: I’d love to see anything more about the Dark Ocean. I’m infinitely fascinated by that place, and would be delighted by anything that’s set there. I’d also love to see further adventures in the Digital World, or snippets from said adventures. Kidnapping, sudden!illness, the return of certain enemies from the past, the arrival of similar-but-different enemies, and general hurt/comfort are all good. This is in my general likes as well, but I feel the need to mention that for these relationships, I usually am really into a quiet and subtle portrayal of the bonds/interactions between them.

Hikari & Gatomon: I love these two. I love them so much. Kari’s been my favorite of the kids (and Gatomon my favorite of the partner Digimon) since I was a little kid myself, and I adore the bond between them. I love that, when they meet, Gatomon’s actually planning on killing her— and I love how she finds herself completely overcome by how much she cares for Kari when the truth comes out.

I’d really adore anything about these two— quiet moments between them, Gatomon defending Kari, anything where Gatomon’s awful, awful past comes back to haunt them— really, anything. Just show me these two loving and caring about and protecting one another, and I’ll be more than pleased.

Wizardmon/Gatomon: HELLO, HEART-BREAKING OTP. The Myotismon arc is my favorite from the original Digimon Adventure, and while Kari & Gatomon are a huge chunk of the reason why, Wizardmon and Gatomon’s relationship makes up another huge portion of that. You have no idea how excited I was by the 02 episode when Wizardmon’s digital ghost appears. SO EXCITED.

You don’t need to make this explicitly shippy— as long as it’s clear that they care dearly about one another, I’ll be so happy. I’d really like to see moments from their time working for Myotismon. Maybe one of them gets injured? Show me any of the missions they do together, or Wizardmon witnessing the aftermath of Myotismon breaking Gatomon, and helping her through it. Or, if you can think of a good way to bring him back to life, I’d love to see their reunion. Anything, really.

Ken/Hikari: This, by the way, is the one exception to my aforementioned theme. I was a T.K./Kari girl all the way through, but, while I do still genuinely like that pairing, these days I find the potential of and parallels between Ken and Kari much more fascinating. My favorite episode of 02 was hands-down the Dark Ocean episode, and that’s also where my interest in this pairing was born— I love what it reveals about them and their characters. I love how both can be defined by their kindness, and the varied ways in which the darkness is interested in or attacks them. In that sense, I do see them as having a connection and understanding of one another that the others don’t have— even if said understanding is, iirc, mostly on Kari’s side. I’d love anything that explores that more.

BlackWarGreymon & Gatomon: This, on the other hand, is purely fueled by nostalgia and the intense desire of my little kid self to see my two favorite Digimon interact. That being said, when I think about these two now, I think they’d actually have some pretty interesting dynamics. After all, both of them were at one point villains who completely bowled over the Digidestined, and later betrayed their masters. On the other hand, the reasons for those betrayals were very different, as was the angst/trauma that they have to deal with in the aftermath. I’d love to see any meeting between these two, whether it’s a chance encounter during 02, or something post-canon where BlackWarGreymon (somehow) comes back to life.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Fandom-Specific Do Not Wants: Male Robin. Any mentions of who Chrom married. (Exception: I am 100% fine with Chrom/f!Robin, especially in regards to my Lucina/Lissa request.) Noire.

I played this game for the first time this past year, and am completely in love. For me, this fandom was made for this exchange, as I just really want bite-sized snippets for all of the relationships that I love. (Not that I’ll have a problem if your fic grows longer on you, either! It’s just that when I was trying to think of fandoms where I’d be 100% content with a 300-word fic, this was the first one to come to mind.)

For all of my requests: I’m equally interested in something set during canon, or post-canon. Stories about battles, or how they spend their downtime together, or about them reuniting/staying together post-canon would all interest me! Or anything from my general likes.

f!Robin & Virion and f!Robin/Virion: I requested both versions because I don’t care if the relationship between them is romantic or platonic; I just want more of it. I love the way Robin bonds with Virion over strategy. I think my favorite moment between them was when she asked why he wasn’t the tactician, since she kept losing to him at chess, and he pointed out how she was better at keeping the most people alive. I’d love to see more of their chess games together, or Robin coming to discuss strategy with him before a battle. Or, I’d also be very interested in their post-canon interactions! I know from his other endings that Virion returns home, and has problems settling in again; how would Robin fit in with that, if she’s married to him?

Lucina/Lissa: So...remember when it was pretty heavily hinted at Lissa having a crush on “Marth”? And how that disappeared, never to be mentioned again when Lucina revealed her identity? Un-disappear that, please. ♥ I’d love anything with Lissa pining, or secretly admiring her— or with Lucina, suddenly crushing on her, and terribly confused and off-balance over it.

Olivia & Inigo: These two are so cute, omg. Inigo’s one of my favorites of the next-gen kids, and his relationship with Olivia is a huge part of why that’s the case. I love the contrast of traits that he tries to keep hidden (his love of dancing, his sensitivity, his occasional bouts of shyness) to how he portrays himself, and how those other traits often come out center stage when he’s interacting with Olivia. I’m especially fond of their shared love of dancing, and how that binds them together. I’d love to see them practicing together, or Inigo going to her for advice. Maybe he visits her at the theater she builds after the war? Or maybe something about them fighting together (and protecting one another?) Or anything, really!

(I married Olivia to Libra in my game, if you need a father for Inigo; I’m also perfectly fine with that topic being skirted around so that you don’t have to name anyone.)

Henry/Tharja: Dark mages cursing people together! Seriously, though, I really do love the different approaches these two take to dark magic, and the contrast between their same interests and their (very different) personalities. Anything with them + dark magic would be amazing. Fighting on the battlefield together, cursing their enemies from afar, etc. I’d also really like to see stereotypically cute relationship moments turned on their head just by the sheer weight of them being their abnormal selves. (I.e., like how pretty much everything about Henry’s proposal to her went in canon.)

For this request, I do ask that you don’t include Noire. I genuinely love Henry/Tharja, but I can’t say that I'm fond of how the inclusion of Noire changed their relationship dynamics. I do, however, like Tharja/f!Robin, and am 100% fine with Tharja’s obsession/love for Robin playing a role, if you find that the story goes there.

Libra/Virion: I once saw the relationship between these two being described as being one support away from Virion realizing that he just finds Libra attractive, full-stop, and I couldn’t agree more. So… how does that next step happen? This is the only pairing where I wouldn’t be happy with an established relationship, as I really want to see how they would get together! Virion realizing his feelings, Libra realizing his feelings, and so on. I’d be happy with any snippet from that process.

Shall We Date? The Niflheim

Fandom-Specific Do Not Wants: Victor/Anyone. Skeletiano/Isabella. Orlando in a 100% fluffy romance. “How They Met” fic for Orlando/Jean.

This is a fandom I’ve requested in multiple exchanges before; feel free to derive inspiration/prompts from any of my past letters as well as this one. You can find those here, here, and here.

You’ll also find me waxing poetic about this fandom in those letters. The short version is: I love this game, I love these characters, and I adore all of the weird world-building.

I’m familiar with all of the main routes (though not quite all of the endings), and most of the event stories. If you want to reference something that happened in one of the temporary Grace Point event stories, feel free to do so. I remember the Lovesickness Event and onwards best, though I did read through the Grace Point event that happened before it.

For all of my requests: Weird world-building! Canon-divergence AUs! A dark take on any of the concepts that appear in the game. Anything that captures the flavor of Niflheim, or explores anything that we’ve seen deeper.

Sunny/Isabella and Sunny & Isabella: I requested both versions because I don’t care if the relationship between them is romantic or platonic; I just want more of it. Seriously, give me anything where these two interact with and care about each other, and I’ll be happy. Isabella’s intense admiration of Sunny is the best, and I love how Sunny warms up to her in a way that she generally doesn’t with other people. For this request only, I’d also be very much okay with fic set in the AU-setting side-stories— and yes, that includes the mafia one!

Philippe/Isabella: I ship Isabella with a lot of people, but from all of her canon routes, Philippe’s was the first I played, and might actually be my favorite? I’m eternally fascinated by the concept of a living person in Niflheim, and I love how genuinely Philippe cares about Isabella. Enough to wait 1000 years for her— and enough to step aside without even mentioning a word of his own feelings if he sees that she’s in love with someone else. Give me a snippet of their lives in Niflheim together following any of the Philippe route endings (yes, even the dark ones!), or a moment between them in a route when Isabella doesn’t remember him & is maybe even with someone else, or anything about those 1000 years of waiting. Or maybe something about the contrast between the Philippe Isabella remembers (who was more of a knight than anything) and the one she knows now?

I’m equally interested in fluffy or bittersweet fic for these two. The only thing I don’t want is for Philippe to be overly possessive of Isabella or force his feelings on her if she’s in love with someone else, as the fact that he never does that is one of my favorite things about him.

Orlando/Jean: I love these two so much. I waxed poetic about them in my 2016 Yuletide letter, but for a short version: I love what a complete bastard Orlando can be, I love the contrast between Jean’s ridiculousness and his more serious moments, and how neither is an act on his part, and I love how these two are together. Established relationship, get-together fic, and not-actually-together-but-clearly-have-feelings-about-each-other would all delight me! I’d be very interested in loyalty kink, Orlando using his skills at charm and manipulation to help Niflheim (and so, Jean), Orlando being darkly possessive (preferably in the context of an established relationship), anything that deals with the fallout when Jean’s powers were revealed, and more! Pre-canon and post-canon are equally good for me, as long as it’s not “how they met” fic— I really love the history between them, and how that informs their current relationship, so I don’t want to see that stripped away.

And that’s everything! I hope that this has helped sparked some inspiration for you.