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All In The Family 2017 Letter

Dear Writer,

Hello, and welcome! I’m very excited about this exchange, and excited that we’ve (presumably) matched! Thank you in advance for writing for me. I think that I’m pretty easy to please, and I’ve tried to provide plenty of information about my likes, Do Not Wants, and the kinds of fic I would like to see to make things easier on you. Hopefully, something inspires you!

AO3 Handle: straightforwardly

General Likes
  • canon settings & canon divergences
  • exploring the relationships between characters
  • hand-holding, casual touching, any focus on hands
  • dysfunctional or otherwise complicated relationships, especially if the people involved genuinely care about one another
  • world-building
  • emotional hurt/comfort
  • trapped together / huddling for warmth scenarios
  • winter/autumn settings and atmosphere
  • identity porn
  • any time-related shenanigans: time travel, time loops, peggy sue, etc.
  • castles, shrines, abandoned ruins, places with a deep sense of history
General Do Not Wants
  • eye injuries
  • zombies / any of the rotting undead
  • hopeless endings & non-canonical character death (of the requested characters)
  • detailed descriptions of/focus on pregnancy, childbirth in general, kid!fic
  • crack fic, A/B/O, and complete AUs
  • characters being humiliated, & any of the requested characters permanently betraying one another

The Dressmakers Series - Loretta Chase

Marcelline Noirot & Sophy Noirot & Leonie Noirot - I read this series for the first time recently, and found myself much more interested in the relationship between the sisters than in the romances— which makes it perfect for this exchange! I’m particularly interested in their pre-canon activities— I ate up every mention of their pre-canon lives and struggles with a spoon. I love how savvy they are, and how much they’ve survived. So give me more of that! Showing me them working together and supporting one another. Show me a time where one of them gets in trouble and the others rescue or, or she rescues herself and immediately goes to her sisters. Or they all get in trouble, and use their particular skills to work together to get out of it.

I’m also interested in their lives with Cousin Emma, once she takes them in, or their interactions with their parents. Fic set during the cholera epidemic where their lives in France crash down around them would also be excellent. I mentioned kid!fic in my dislikes, so, to be clear, Marcelline’s kid can appear in the fic if it’s logical that she would be there (i.e., any period after she was born), but I want the main focus to be on the sisters.

Marcelline Noirot & Edward Noirot/Catherine DeLucey Noirot - I know that the Noirot sisters have complicated feelings about their parents, but to be honest, I kind of adore them? My reaction to reading the prologue for Silk Is For Seduction was basically, “So, why can’t this book be about them?” I can’t help it; I have a huge soft spot for terrible people who genuinely love one another. I chose Marcelline for this request because it seemed, of the three, it felt like she lingered on her relationship with her parents the most, and had both the most interactions with and the strongest feelings about them. Anything exploring that complicated relationship would be golden.

I’d be interested in anything involving Edward and Catherine interacting with Marcelline/their children in general. Maybe a moment when one of them teaches Marcelline a decidedly shadowy skill (lock-picking is the obvious option that comes to mind, but feel free to be creative!), or involves her in some sort of scheme of theirs.

Fire Emblem: Awakening

Yen’fay & Say’ri - Their relationship is easily one of my favorite parts of the game. I love the tragedy of it, and their clear and deep affection for one another. I’m equally interested in Say’ri’s relationship with canon-timeline!Yen’fay and the outrealm!Yen’fay. With canon-timeline!Yen’fay, I’m interested in anything about their lives before the war started, any brief meetings during the time when Say’ri believes him to be a traitor, the moment that Yen’fay decides to sacrifice his ideals to keep Say’ri safe, and Say’ri mourning him/remembering him after she finds out the truth.

With outrealm!Yen’fay, I love the complications of their relationship. They’re both technically each the sibling the other had lost, but at the same time they’re not the same person. The idea of mourning someone who’s simultaneously died yet is fighting at your side fascinates me. I’d love anything that delves into that complicated relationship. That version of Yen’fay seems just as intent on avoiding Say’ri as he is on protecting her, so maybe she’s the one who seeks him out? Or maybe one of them is in danger during a battle, and the other swoops in to protect them? Or maybe that happens to both of them, on different occasions! Anything dealing with one or both of them fearing losing the other again would also be excellent. Or maybe Say’ri seeks him out post-canon, after he disappears?

Olivia & Inigo - These two are so cute, omg. Inigo’s one of my favorites of the next-gen kids, and his relationship with Olivia is a huge part of why that’s the case. I love the contrast of traits that he tries to keep hidden (his love of dancing, his sensitivity, his occasional bouts of shyness) to how he portrays himself, and how those other traits often come out center stage when he’s interacting with Olivia. I’m especially fond of their shared love of dancing, and how that binds them together. I’d love to see them practicing together, or Inigo going to her for advice. Maybe he visits her at the theater she builds after the war? Or maybe something about them fighting together (and protecting one another?) Or anything, really!

(I married Olivia to Libra in my first game, if you need a father for Inigo; I’m also perfectly fine with that topic being skirted around so that you don’t have to name anyone. Similarly, I’d rather there either be no mention of Inigo’s hair color, or for him to have light hair.)

The Goblin Emperor

Maia Drazhar & Nemolis Drazhar - I realize that this might be an odd relationship to request, seeing as Nemolis dies before he and Maia could ever meet, but I recently reread this book and I haven’t been able to get Idra’s comment about how his father would have liked Maia out of my mind. Feel free to be creative about how they meet; I do have some suggestions, but if you have any other ideas, go for it! All I ask is that when they meet, Idra is correct and they do end up liking one another.

Idra says at one point that had his father lived to become emperor, he’d planned on summoning Maia back to court. Show me an AU where this happens! Either because Nemolis wasn’t on the airship for whatever reason when it crashed, or because that whole conspiracy never happened and their father dies of natural causes. (If you go this route and Nemolis’ nohecharis need to be mentioned, please avoid having Beshelar or Cala being one of them, as I’m very attached to their relationship with Maia, and would be sad to see them serving someone else)

I’d also be very happy with a post-canon fic! Maybe there’s a sudden haunting in the Untheileneise Court and Maia meets his brother’s ghost? Or maybe Nemolis is suddenly brought back to life again through some sort of ~forbidden and half-forgotten maza ritual~ in another attempt to dethrone Maia? (Please don’t actually dethrone Maia, though if you want to spend time on the complicated political/successions questions this raises [especially since Maia’s already been coronated], go right ahead!)

Or— just because Maia never met Nemolis, doesn’t mean that Nemolis never saw him. I’d definitely be up for a one-sided relationship with Nemolis seeing Maia/watching over him from a distance at Chenelo’s funeral. Maybe he speaks with Osmerrem Danivaran about Maia, afterwards? Basically, anything about Nemolis showing concern about Maia would make me happy.

Shall We Date? The Niflheim

Orlando & Sunny - I was initially surprised when it was revealed in Sunny’s Route of the “Before We Met” event that Orlando thinks of Sunny as a little sister, but have been intrigued by the possibilities ever since. On that note— does Sunny see Orlando as an older brother as well, or is it a one-sided feeling? For the rest of this section I’ll be working with the assumption that yes, she does have brotherly feelings for him, but feel free to explore the reverse if you’d like.

I’d be interested in anything dealing with the contrast of their working interactions, and their actual feelings about one another. I’d also love to see either one of them worrying about the other, for any reason. Neither of them are emotionally open, so I can’t see them admitting to it openly. I’d love to see the subtle ways in which they express it. As this is Niflheim, I’d also love worldbuilding! I love how strange Niflheim is, and I’m always wanting more of it. Or, if you have another idea, go for it!

I’m fine with you putting one or both of them into a romantic relationship with someone. My personal favorites for these two are Orlando/Jean and Sunny/Isabella, but this is a fandom where I’d ship just about anything, so feel free to use your imagination. My one exception: Victor/Anyone. Please don’t pair either of them with Victor. If you do go the side-pairing route, though, I still want the main focus of the fic to be on Orlando & Sunny’s relationship.

While I’ve never requested this particular relationship before, I have requested both of them in other exchanges. Feel free to derive inspiration from any of my previous letters. (For easy access, those letters can be found here, here, here, and here).